Sustainability: Power 50 Green Champion 2023

Our group event director and sustainability champion Cressida Prout has been named in Micebook and Isla’s 2023 Power 50 Green Champions list. 
Cressida Prout Sustainability Champion Bray Leino Events

The list recognises “individuals within the UK events industry who are devoting their time, passion and energy to making a positive impact on the planet”. 

Nobody who knows Crez will be surprised. She’s committed to seeing things done as well as possible. That’s what makes her an outstanding event professional. 

And when she became Bray Leino Events’ official Sustainability Champion in 2019, she saw the role as an opportunity to drive the fundamental changes she knew were needed across the industry she loves – because the events business as we know it today cannot exist in a net zero world. 

“You gave me a soapbox,” she says. “You’ll never get me off it!” 

Since then, we’ve completely changed how we work. Sustainability is now factored into everything we do. The way we design and create. The way we build. The materials we use and where they go when we’re done. We’ve trained and learned and changed the way we think. 

There’s still a long way to go, but at least now we have a clear plan and a set of tools and technologies that enable us to follow a roadmap towards net zero, and to support our clients, partners, and suppliers in doing the same. 

Has it been easy? No. Do we have all the answers? Hell no! But with everybody in the agency buying into our new ways of working, and with Crez immovable on her soapbox, we’re moving in the right direction. 

Thanks Crez, well deserved.

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