What we saw at #CES2023

After a two-year partial hiatus, CES returned this year, back to its pre-pandemic best. With all the flash and dazzle we’ve come to expect from the world’s biggest technology show. 

Over 100,000 attendees descended on Las Vegas at the start of January to luxuriate in energy and innovation from across the entire technology spectrum, and we were there to soak it up.

Our man on the ground, Bray Leino Events MD Luke Brown, was there to be impressed, and CES did not disappoint.

Luke Brown at CES 2023 Bray Leino Events

So, what exactly got him so excited?  

The big boys got it right

There’s an increasing trend for digital screens and signage over printed graphics at exhibitions across virtually every sector. But too often, we see installations let down by the quality of content displayed. Not at CES. 

“Whether you like your screens slim, curved, transparent, wireless or in 8K(!), LG provided one of the event’s key wow moments with 260 55-inch OLED TVs connected to display enormous and impactful vignettes of colour and image,” says Luke. 

Big screens at CES

Samsung, Amazon, Google, Sony, and Panasonic also went big and didn’t miss, combining fantastic user experiences with innovative demo and product displays.

Canon’s immersive experience, in partnership with M.Night Shyamalan, was a novel and beautifully executed approach to experiential storytelling and environment design.

Advanced mobility is the new poster child for next gen tech

From cars, boats, superbikes, autonomous people movers, intelligent tractors and remote machinery, automotive and in-car tech were everywhere at this year’s CES as car manufacturers become indistinguishable from tech firms.

EVs at CES

“One EV company CEO I spoke to referred to his target audience as users, not customers,” says Luke.

In fact, the prevalence of electric vehicles at this year’s show - and the ease with which they blend into the consumer technology space - prompted Wired magazine to question whether there’s a still future for the traditional car show…. Time will tell.

Robots still draw the crowds

People do not seem to tire of cool robots. And why should they? At CES 2023, we found robots that could replace family pets, and interact with their user in highly engaging ways.

Self-charging cleaning robots? Great! A self-driving baby stroller? Um…

How about a line of dancing Optimus Primes? Sure, why not…

Robots at CES

But it’s not all fun and games, there was a heap of practical, innovative robotics on display. In agriculture, John Deer showcased their new robot planter, which can cut down on chemical use by identifying and fertilising seeds individually.

And how about Parky, the EV charging robot that will find and connect to a charging point, meaning building owners can provide EV-friendly parking spots without having to install electrical cables.

From lawnmowers to vacuums, cocktail makers to cashiers – robotics is thriving and will continue to further integrate with everyday life and experience creation.

CES is a monster show and it can be a challenge for brands to stand out from the noise. But with half a century of exhibitions experience, imagining ways for our clients make a splash is a challenge we relish. Speak to one of our experts about CES 2024


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